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  • “Most awesome tour ever!

    We had so much fun, it was so cool learned a lot of history about London and JK Rowling’s inspiration and where different things were filmed, got to see parts of London I never thought I’d see / didn’t even know about.. literally best day ever highly recommend.”
  • “Nice Experience!

    This tour was very nice AND being able to get in prior to official opening was outstanding. Our guide John was fun, watched out for his tour group, knowledgeable and funny. We were greeted by a Beefeater who explained his order, their purpose, how they came to be, and made sure we had front row to watch the key ceremony. We were the first to see the Crown Jewels and what a treat that was. I certainly recommend this tour to all who want to bypass crowds and at your own pace.”
  • “Neil was an amazing guide….funny and informative!

    This tour was absolutely worth the price. Getting to see the Book of Kelly’s and the Long Hall before the crowds was wonderful. After that, Neil provided quite a bit of history and a number of great stories as he walked us through Central Dublin to Dublin Castle. Thanks!”

Planning an Event in Ireland

As an established Destination Management Company, LetzGo City Tours is here to help you organize the best event for your corporate or leisure needs. We take care of all the practicalities – hotels, meeting space, logistic support, entertainment, staffing, local tours and guides to make your event is memorable for all the right reasons.

We have the fast track to the the inside track – making sure that your group see and experience the best that Ireland has to offer – the best restaurants, memorable activities and one-of-a-kind experiences, incredible itineraries, great pubs, all offering the best of irish hospitality and planning.

We like to think we have the fast track to the inside track – with years of experience, we should have!

So before you arrange a single detail be sure to contact us.

  • Group Tours

    group tour

    Book your next group or corporate event with LetzGo City Tours. For groups of 10 or more, LetzGo City Tours can plan and book a travel experience tailored just for your group, conference, or any occasion. We have extraordinary experiences awaiting, including one of a kind tours and activities in Dublin, Paris, London or New York and most everything in between. We recommend you contact us and talk to one of our specialized group tour managers.

  • Private Tours

    private tour

    There are times in our lives that we like to celebrate a special occasion with someone special such as an anniversary, a birthday or just wanting to share a venue or attraction as a private experience. LetzGo City Tours can arrange all of tours on a private basis. We recommend you contact us and talk to one of our specialized group tour managers who can guide you to arrange the best experiences tailored specifically to your needs and budget.

For More Information on Group and Private Tours Please Contact Us